Pu Hongxue Products

In 2008 the Wenchuan earthquake left many people injured or dead. In Beichuan, Pu Hongxue's class of 52 was buried under the rubble of her school building during the quake, where she was one of only 7 survivors. Trapped under the rubble for 72 hours, but her wounds were left so badly infected that her left arm and right leg needed to be amputated. Despite her circumstances, she strived to make a living for herself. She learnt the skill of Qiang embroidery at a very young age, and resolved to strive to preserve Qiang traditional embroidery after graduating from university. She decided to make embroidered products for sale and, despite her limitations, produces beautifully designed and embroidered notebooks, coasters, purses and bookmarks.
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<p>Embroidered Notebook&nbsp;</p>

Embroidered Notebook 

Price: ¥89-¥129
Beautiful notebook with small motif designed and embroidered by Beichuan's Pu Hongxue!
<p>Embroidered Purse&nbsp;</p>

Embroidered Purse 

Price: ¥98
Beautiful coin  purse with flower pattern designed and embroidered by Pu Hongxue!
<p>Embroidered Coaster&nbsp;</p>

Embroidered Coaster 

Price: ¥69 each
Beautiful Coaster with flower motif designed and embroidered by Pu Hongxue!
<p>Embroidered Bookmark&nbsp;</p>

Embroidered Bookmark 

Price: ¥69
Beautiful bookmark with motif designed and embroidered by Beichuan's Pu Hongxue!