Shigatse Products

Shigatse products are made by disabled people in Tibet, from pangden tibetan cloth - a traditional apron cloth worn by women in Tibet.
Browse Shigatse's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
<p>Large Shoulder Bag</p>

Large Shoulder Bag

Price: ¥340
Hand-made satchel-style side bag to carry all of your important items.
<p>Shopping Bag&nbsp;</p>

Shopping Bag 

Price: ¥299
Help to save rubbish with this durable, reusable(!) shopping bag!  Plenty of room and extra pockets in this hand-made bag. 
<p>Square Bag&nbsp;</p>

Square Bag 

Price: ¥450
Deluxe hand-made shoulder-slung bag from Shigatse.


Price: ¥280
Beautifully hand-made bag from Shigatse for cosmetics, phone and tablet, or whatever will fit! 


Price: ¥68
Small hand-made coin purse from Shigatse.
<p>Side Bag&nbsp;</p>

Side Bag 

Price: ¥255
Shoulder-slung, hand-made book satchel from Sigastse.  Features cowrie shells!
<p>Large Backpack&nbsp;</p>

Large Backpack 

Price: ¥448
 Handmade backpack from Shigatse.  Elegantly thin shoulder straps and plenty of compartments for stowing stuff!
Shoulder Bag&nbsp;&nbsp;
Shoulder Bag  
Price: ¥280
Hand-made, zippered, shoulder-slung side bag for carrying your sunglasses, books, purse etc.
<p>Large Cushion Cover</p>

Large Cushion Cover

Price: ¥119
Large, handmade cushion cover from Shigatse.
Small Cushion Cover&nbsp;
Small Cushion Cover 
Price: ¥102
Small, hand-made cushion cover from Shigatse, with beautiful details and materials.
<p>Table Blanket&nbsp;</p>

Table Blanket 

Price: ¥239
Keep warm or protect yuour table from heat and wear with this hand-made square table blanket.  
Heat Pad&nbsp;
Heat Pad 
Price: ¥34
Protect wooden tabletops from hot pots and plates with this hand-made round heat pad from Shigatse